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Mr Sparkle Exterior Home Cleaning Services, Parksville, B.C.

Since 1992 Mr Sparkle Exterior Cleaning has built a reputation for quality property maintenance in Parksville, B.C. Our technicians specialize in gutter cleaning, Gutter Guard™ installation, window cleaning, power & pressure washing, vinyl & stucco siding cleaning, roof cleaning and moss removal. We continue to exceed our customers expectations in our industry all over Central Vancouver Island.

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Window Cleaning

Over an extended period of time glass that is neglected may fall victim to oxidization, as well as a build up of hard minerals. The consequences of this fact could produce scratches or even damage. Cleaning your windows twice a year will prevent costly damages from manifesting, avoid this daunting task and leave the ladder work to our professionals.

Gutter Cleaning

As well as cleaning we also offer Gutter Guard™ installation services in Parksville B.C. Leaf guards are an innovative product designed to collect leaves and debris while allowing water to flow freely throughout your drainage system. This could prevent costly water damage, however you will still need to have your conduits cleared periodically. These drainage systems could over fill causing said materials to spill into your yard creating a disastrous mess. Mr Sparkle’s associates are highly trained with fall arrest equipment allowing us to tackle the dangerous chores for you.

Roof Moss Removal

Treating the vegetative growth on your rooftop is an important task that should be implemented at least once a year. The longer moss or lichen is left to grow the more difficult it becomes to safely remove without affecting the integrity of your roof. That is why we emphasize the importance of hiring skilled professionals. With over 25 years experience in the field Mr Sparkle has the equipment and knowledge needed to deal with any infestation big or small.

Stucco Siding Cleaning

For many home owners cleaning your stucco siding can be frustrating. Clearing all the dirt and grime out of the rough texture proves to be difficult and time consuming. Throughout the years we have developed a cleaning technique that will restore your stucco to its original colour. Our cleaning technicians will deliver these services in a timely and cost effective manner, leaving no stress or hassle to the home owner.

Vinyl Siding Cleaning

After a long wet winter you may notice the once vibrant looking siding on your house has started to become grim. Between the birds, insects, rain and wind blowing dirt and debris at your house there is not much you can do to prevent this. Do not panic Mr Sparkle is here to help. With our proven and trusted techniques we can bring the vinyl siding on your home back to life. Allow us to rescue you from the devastation of nature.

Pressure & Power Washing

With the best pressure washing equipment on the market our crew of proficient power washers have the ability to radiant an effulgence of light around your property. Operating in Parksville B.C. we can deliver our mobile power and pressure washing services at a time of your choosing, offering competitive rates within our industry. Our company offers a standard of cleaning unmatched by our contenders in your area.