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Gutter Guard™ Installation

Gutter Guard Installation- Gutter Helmets, Covers and Caps – Window and Vinyl Siding Cleaning
Nanaimo, B.C., Vancouver Island, Canada.

We currently serve Nanaimo, Lantzville, Cedar, Ladysmith.


Gutter Clean System™ provides the absolute best gutter cleaning system, that WILL solve your needle, and/or leaf Gutter clogging problems, at a price that actually makes it a worth while investment.


Stop Gutter Cleaning Forever!

Are you constantly cleaning your gutters?

Our Gutter Clean System™ Cover keeps leaves, cedar and fir needles out and your gutters stay clean (also your perimeter drains). This now eliminates frequent gutter cleaning and potential water overflow damage that can cause rotting wood, mildew and possible structural damage. Gutter Clean System™ Cover goes on top of your existing gutters and best of all it’s at least half the price of our leading competitor.

Gutter Clean System™ Features:

Made of aluminium

    • No corrosion

    • No bending or distortion

  • Weather resistant

Fits K-style gutters and installs in a single step

    • It’s invisible from the ground

    • Adds durability to the gutter

  • No need to lift or touch the shingles

Specially treated PVC

    • UV resistant

    • Mould and mildew resistant

  • Remains flexible in cold weather

  • Can withstand up to 91 lbs/ft of pressure on its surface

  • Adds durability to the gutter

  • Also available for 6″ gutter


Gutter Cleaning Days Are Over!

Will Debris, needles, leafs, and twigs, stay on top of the system & block my gutters?

No, Even in a worst case situation, where wet pine needles or leafs have fallen on your gutter, a small breeze or wind will remove the debris from your Gutters (3-4 KPH for dry, and 4-6 KPH for wet).

When pine needles and leafs? settle on top of my gutters, wont it impede water flow?

Alu-Rex researches under its R&D Program have led to the development of the Alu-Perf Technology. Collecting the 489 perforations on a 19 inches (48 cm) length of membrane is like having a 2’’x 3’’ (60 x 80 mm) downspout. Tests have proven that Alu-Rex’ Products can drain up to 32.9’’ (836 mm) of rainwater per hour; the most important rainfall registered being of 12’’(30,48 mm) of water per hour (Holt, MO, 1947).Water also takes the path of least resistance, so it will travel through the debris & NOT over top of it.

Why should I choose your product?

All the sales hype in the world simply cant replace a truly good product that really works and is everything we and our customers want it to be.The Gutter Clean System™ has over 10 Million linier feet installed throughout Canada, and has yet to receive a single consumer complaint!

The Right Choice … Just Once!

How much does it cost?

Price is dependent on your particular installation. This is a quality product that is guaranteed to work for you, and is at least half the price of our leading competitor.

I have other questions!

If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us .

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    and with the safety of all concerned being our first priority.
  • Our professional services are insured and covered by the WCB.

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